Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Countdown to Texas

A week from today (minus about an hour and a half) I'll be stepping off a plane in Houston ready to embark on my life as a missionary in the land of Texas! And I couldn't be more excited. Not that I wasn't before, it's just that now it's getting more real to me. 

Don't know where he's pointing, but pretty sure it's not Texas
Teaching went really well this week. I never thought I would come to enjoy teaching the Gospel, but I honestly love it so much. As a trio, Elder Wilson, Elder Sitterud and I have been working on teaching the gospel more simply while asking questions that help the investigator figure it out, so that they'll come unto Christ because they want to. Our MTC choir director shared an interesting line he heard at church the other day with us: "This Gospel must be really simple if we're sending out 18-19 year old kids to teach it." The Church's missionary program is evidence enough to me of the truthfulness of this Church. There are 75,000 elders ages 18-25 that have put their life on hold for 2 years, themselves or their families have paid their own way to come out here, and if you talk to most missionaries, they are so happy to be here, even though there is no monetary reward at the end of the 2 years missions. 

Barrus, Sitterud, and Wilson threesome 
In my personal study lately I've been studying the life of Christ in the New Testament a little bit and 
it's really helped me gain such an appreciation for His life and mortal ministry. He was the literal son of God, but he did not think himself to be above anyone else, despite their weaknesses. He gave up a life of wealth and power to establish His Church on the earth, and to minister to all types of people from all different cities. He descended beneath all things, suffered more than what is comprehensible so he could understand our afflictions, and eventually suffered death, so that he could conquer both sin and death. Without his sacrifice, as humans we would not be able to experience life after death, nor gain redemption from our sins. This has helped me realize that Christ is the way. The only way we can walk if we want to experience complete and everlasting happiness, as well as be able to progress eternally. 

In talking to some of my teachers this week, it's been humbling to realize that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. In my mission, I will be looked up to in order to give blessings and help people change their lives. I won't just serve a few types of people. I will serve everyone I can. Homeless, rich, poor, middle-class, happy, depressed, sick, atheist, it doesn't matter. That's what's amazing about the Gospel. It is all-inclusive. Jesus was criticized for spending time with publicans and sinners during His ministry, but that's why I want to follow Him. Because he doesn't consider himself to be above others, and he's only worried about how he can help each individual person reach their full potential. He doesn't give up on anyone. I can't wait to share this truth and knowledge I have with everyone that will listen. 

I am so grateful for this sacred opportunity to wear the Lord's nametag these next few years. This is Christ's restored Gospel on the Earth today. He wants nothing more than for us to follow Him because it will help us be so happy. I love y'all and hope things are going well!

-Elder Barrus

Looking good in the new suit.

The Tree of Knowledge along with Satan

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