Monday, April 18, 2016

Peanut Butter Service

Serving at the Houston Peanut Butter Factory
Good afternoon everyone! It's hard to believe how quickly time flies and how I'm almost done with my first transfer! The work is looking up down here in Liberty. Here is one of my cool experiences from this past week:

Last Sunday night Elder Gibbs and I were at a Taqueria and it was getting late, but we decided to talk to one more person who was waiting for her food. Her name was Wendy, and she was super friendly and we ended up scheduling an appointment with her the next day. We taught her the Restoration and she loved it. She mentioned how she attended a non-denominational church in Lakewood, but was looking for something different and expressed a desire to attend church with us this Sunday and she did! She wasn't able to bring her 8 year old daughter Savannah, but she said both of them will come next week. She even accepted a member's invitation to attend a Family Home Evening tonight, so we are confident that she will build many friendships within the ward because she has such a charismatic personality. 

We spent a lot of time finding this week. It's a lot harder to talk to people about the good news of the Gospel down here than I originally anticipated. But we've received many referrals from other people, not so much from our own labors. I think that this experience helps us feel how God feels with all of His children. There are many that reject Him, even though He wants to help them. We have to always be like the Savior and have our arms wide open to accept all of our brothers and sisters. 

I've attached some pictures from a district photo shoot. One of the elders set up their iPad to take timed photos. We tried to get the one around the campfire to look like a cheesy For Strength of Youth photo. 

Anyways, I'm not really sure I have much else to share. I really enjoy hearing from all of you though, even if you think your life is boring, it's not boring to me, because anything besides missionary life isn't boring. But missionary life is fun too! 

Elder Barrus

The District
Guitar Playing Man in the Middle of the Street

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