Thursday, June 9, 2016

New Neighborhood

This week was full of miracles. The first one being, we were out visiting less-actives on Tuesday, and we found several neighborhoods on the very edge of our area that were really nice. It was quite odd because we are used to seeing run-down homes with tons of people loitering while drinking from brown paper bags, regardless of the time of day. This neighborhood was quiet, clean, and well-hidden. We contacted there a little bit yesterday, and it seems like there are a lot of Hispanics, so it's a gold mine of potential that we are very excited about. The nice thing about it too, is that it is much easier to identify the prepared, because people value their time more. If they are not interested, they will tell you straight out, which is really nice, because it's disrespectful in Hispanic culture to say no, so sometimes we have people who say they are willing to let us come back, but have an endless array of lame excuses as to why they are "busy" every time we go over.

We found a new neighborhood. (Downtown Houston in the background.)
As far as our investigators go, Miguel is progressing really well. We've met with him 2 times this past week, and he is rock solid. Has tons of faith, and has already identified the Spirit, which will go a long way towards his conversion and progression. We've also started to teach his 3 kids, and they are extremely prepared as well. The only issue that I can see, is that they live with their mom, and she is very much against them meeting with missionaries, which could cause some problems, but we are praying for a miracle.

Melvin came to a family home evening activity last week with the Robles family, and he seemed to have a lot of fun. I think that really helped him because when we taught him the restoration, he thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses, but now he knows that we're not, and that he wouldn't have to change too many things in his life if he were to join.

Also, the sister missionaries in our district had a baptism last Saturday with a real cool guy named Albert. Back in October, he had been meeting with missionaries, and they had actually set a baptismal date with him, but something happened that resulted in the date being dropped and the elders losing the trust of Albert. However, he still continued to come to English class, sports night, and church every single week for several months. We decided to have the sisters teach him, and they were instrumental in helping him understand the why behind baptism, and helping answer his questions and concerns. We are really excited to take him on visits with us, because we know that he will be very helpful in fellow shipping other investigators.

Anyways, just want you to all know that God is there, and he listens. It's cliche, but if we heed the counsel of His prophets and apostles, as well as read the scriptures and keep the commandments, we will see the difference in our lives, and we will ultimate have lasting peace and happiness.

Elder Barrus

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