Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Savior is Born

This email is from December 19, 2016

This Texas December weather has me confused. Saturday was really hot, and then on Sunday it was like 36 degrees. But all is well here in the land of Waller, Texas.

It was cold

But anyway, we had a huge miracle happen this past week. We received a referral from a member in Pasadena and she was as golden as the calf the children of Israel worshipped while Moses received the 10 Commandments. We taught her on Wednesday, and she told us of her experience she had while she went to church in Pasadena. She felt the Spirit very strongly when she took the Sacrament and felt a peace come over her that she had only felt once before, when she had an out of body experience. She wanted us to teach her kids so we did on Saturday and they were receptive. She came to church on Sunday and had been reading in the Book of Mormon, so we gave her a baptismal date for January 24th! We are hoping to be able to baptize all 4 of her kids with her as well but we'll see.

Francisco texted us on Tuesday and said that he didn't feel ready for his baptism because he didn't want to receive financial help from anyone else. So we kept trying to help him see that it's a faith issue rather than a money issue but he's still pretty set on his way. So we will keep working with him and hope that he softens up and something gets worked out.

Other than that, not really too much happened besides the usual stuff but things are going really well and I am so grateful to be sharing the message of the Savior's Atonement this Christmas season.

-Elder Barrus

We got a new Toyota Tacoma truck.

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