Monday, March 6, 2017

A New Companion in Waller

This email is from February 20, 2017

New companion--Elder Blackford
I got the news this week that Elder Blackford was being transferred to Waller and that was well received by both me and the members of the Waller 2nd branch. And so far so good. He was my friend, Victor Escudero's MTC companion and I've heard nothing but good things about his charisma and ability to get things done, which has proven to be true in just one short week. 

We've hit the ground running this week though. Even though Elder Blackford is half Filipino, he looks Mexican, so more people open their doors when we go out and knock on them. Pretty much everyone we talk to is walking on pins and needles because they are afraid of getting deported. It's kinda sad but we tell them that we won't deport them if they listen to our message. 😂 Works like a charm, needless to say. 

On exchanges with ZL comp--Elder Pogroszewski
On Friday I went on an exchange with my ZL comp Elder Pogroszewski and it was a straight ball. We knocked doors for 2 hours and it was entertaining because he has no fear nor chill and argues with people about why they should listen to us. We talked to one guy who had a beer in his hand and like a grand total of 3 teeth, no joke. He told us that he knew he was going to heaven when he dies, and Podge just says "Oh yeah? Even with that Miller Lite in your hand?" 😂 Later on in the evening we stumbled across these high school kids playing basketball outside and jumped in right there and played in our proselyting clothes and everything. I've already learned a lot from being around him and am looking forward to this transfer. 
We ate crawfish with Enrique, Deseret, their dad Rogelio and their aunt and uncle.

In other news, Enrique and Deseret are all good to go for their baptism this upcoming Sunday, so pictures from that are coming your way next week. We are also still working with the Rivera Family, we had a good lesson with them on Tuesday about the blessings of reading the Book of Mormon and how they can know that it's true. They are more than willing to keep commitments. They weren't able to make it out to church yesterday, but said they would come this next Sunday. We are confident that we can help them so they can be sealed as a family in the temple for time and all eternity. 

Mission life is good out here in Tejas. Shoot me an email when you get a minute. 🤙🏼

Elder Barrus

We stumbled across a Baptist church. No one was home though when we knocked.
The new district

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