Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Spanish "Why I Believe" Fireside

(This email was sent May 29, 2017.)

After having baptisms in back to back weeks we've gotten back to the streets in searching for those who are prepared. In the process we found a family of 9 that listened to us teach about the Restoration of the Gospel. A few days prior we had talked to the same family sitting outside drinking cerveza (beer) and they said we could come back, but we didn't think too much of it because people are always nicer when they've been drinking. On Wednesday we called one of the guys who gave us their number and he didn't answer, but he called us back twice (which almost never happens) and said he wanted us to come over later that night. So we came back and everyone was outside, and they left 2 chairs for us to sit on. It ended up being a really great experience and they said they'll be baptized once they know.

Other than that I'm not really sure what else happened besides us knocking doors. On Sunday we had our Spanish mission president's fireside and it was President Mortensen's last. We heard some testimonies from some recent converts who overcame some difficult circumstances in order to get baptized. It brought a tear to my eye to see the lives of these converts as they've done their best to change what's bad and do what's good. As well I saw Liliana and Andres Fuenmayor from Westgreen while I was there! They were one of my favorite Venezuelan families and it was so good to catch up with them. They're still active and doing really well.

Anyways that's about it. I love you all. Write me sometime. ✌🏽

Elder Barrus


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