Monday, July 3, 2017

Miracle of the Year

Hey everyone, this week was super awesome and full of tender mercies from the Lord for sure! To start out, on Tuesday we had our last MLC with President and Sister Mortensen and it was really inspiring. Tears were shed as it was the last time we saw them. 

Also on Tuesday Leo was baptized by Elder Garcia. It was a beautiful service and our obispo (bishop) told a story about the first baptism he had on his mission in New Jersey. It was a 60 year old woman and he dunked her on the short side of the font, but she hit her head on the wall and let out a scream. She still got baptized.  But Leo and his mom Daniela were super happy so it was a special night. 

This week started out kinda rough after the baptism to be honest. We rolled into district meeting with 0 new investigators, 0 investigators committed to come to church, and no one with a baptismal date. But our stellar district leader Elder Hunt pumped us up and promised us specific blessings so we left that meeting determined to get back on track. 

Well, we had an appointment at 5 with a potential investigator named Adali but she wasn't home so we started knocking the trailers around her house. We knocked on one door where a couple of little kids answered so we asked if their parents were home. They said their mom was in the bathroom, so we left them with a pass a long card and went on our way. We knocked a couple more houses, but when we turned around we saw the same kids we gave the card to outside with their mom, who was motioning for us to come over. So we walked over to their front porch and she said "Pasenle!" which means come in. So we did, and she asked us where the local Mormon church was. 

Apparently someone had invited her to church a couple of months ago and they looked online but couldn't find the closest one. So we gave her the address to the church and taught her,(Reyna) her daughter Tatianna, niece Angie, and nephew Anthony the Restoration. They all accepted it and said they'd be baptized once they know it's true. But don't worry, it gets better. They said they'd come to church and they actually did, in addition to Reyna's sister Nelly and husband Horacio. I went up to bear my testimony and saw Nelly in tears and all of the others attentively engaged. During second hour Gospel principles class the teacher asked if there were any questions and Nelly raised her hand and said "I want to be baptized in the Mormon church, but I was already baptized in the Catholic Church, is that a problem?" They are so prepared. So that's probably the miracle of my mission. We are going back tomorrow to see them.

Pues, God is good. Thanks for your prayers and support. And remember, faith precedes the miracle. 

Leo's Baptism

Leo and his mother, Daniela

Leo and Elder Garcia

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