Friday, November 25, 2016

The Promised Land

This email was sent November 7, 2016

Another fruitful week in the books here in The Promised Land that was capped off with another baptism! Here's a rundown of what went on:

On Wednesday we had a lesson with our new investigator, Omar and it went really well. He had met with missionaries before about 6 months ago but stopped because the missionaries told him that he needed to either get married with his girlfriend or move out and he didn't like that. So he broke up with her and moved out. Now they are back together but don't live together, so he is very open to the idea of getting baptized and is able to do so. His girlfriend is already a member so it helps that she's there to read in The Book of Mormon with him and answer his questions. 

On Saturday we had several lessons planned and they all fell through. That was pretty rough but we shook it off and knocked on a lot of doors. Even though we didn't get a single return appointment, we know that the faith we showed and effort we put in to sincerely seek those who are prepared was acceptable to the Lord.

Later that night we received a phone call from Rosa’s friend Debbie telling us that Rosa’s grandmother had suffered a stroke and was in the hospital. Her other grandmother passed away just last month. We were worried that this might affect her baptism, but she assured us that she was still going to get baptized on her scheduled date. She only had 2 hours of sleep on Saturday night but still came to church on Sunday and was baptized later that day. She told us that she felt light, as if a large burden had been lifted off of her shoulders. Even though none of her family members came, the ward and YSA members showed up to support her as she made her first covenant with Heavenly Father. It was amazing for us to see the faith that she has shown despite all of the opposition she has faced. 

I'm glad the fall weather is treating you well there in Utah. Real fall weather is quite enjoyable. The weather has cooled down significantly and now I would compare it to San Diego Temperatures--72 degrees and just right. The humidity isn't too bad anymore, thankfully. I am also learning that I am unable to do this mission by myself. Jesus is able to step in and heal us if we let Him. I've felt His love and edifying support so far on my mission that has helped me be better each and every day. 

We weren't able to teach as many lessons as we would have liked, but we know that it will happen this week as our investigators work less. But I am muy contento to be out here serving the Lord and I know that He is aware of all of His children and is carefully preparing their hearts so that they can receive the saving ordinances of the Gospel and live with their families for forever. I would love to hear from y'all if y’all ever get a few minutes. Keep me updated!
We raised a Captain Moroni-like title of liberty at zone meeting that says
"In memory of our God, our religion, our peace, our members, and our investigators." 

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