Friday, November 25, 2016

Try the Fruit

This posts is from October 24, 2016.

Things are going well in the great and spacious city of Katy. We spent a lot of time knocking doors and not as much time teaching. But that's okay because we still saw lots of miracles. 

On Wednesday we taught Rosa the why of the commandments in addition to the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity and she accepted all of them without a problem. She is still on track for her baptismal date on the 6th of November and is very excited about it. She has decided to invite her family to her baptism, so we are praying that they come and their hearts will be softened and that they will want to learn more because of it. 

On Thursday, we met with MarieAntonietta's dad Giovanni for the first time since he got back from his 2 month work trip to Iraq. He worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week so he didn't read at all in the Book of Mormon during his trip, but he committed to read it in the coming days and weeks. He's not sure about baptism right now, but said if he comes to know that The Gospel is true he will get baptized. So prayers for him are definitely welcome! 

On Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Norton and we stumbled upon a Jehovah's Witness. He started out asking some questions about our church and what we do as missionaries, but then proceeded to challenge us a little bit so it kind of turned into a Bible bash. The point we discussed that really stuck out to me was when we talked about the need for a prophet and continuing revelation. We helped explain that Jesus taught us in Matthew chapter 7:15-16 that we will know a prophet by their fruits. We asked this man what his obligation would be if God gave him an apple or a banana as evidence of a prophet. He said he would be obligated to try it and decide if it was a good or a bad fruit. So then we presented the Book of Mormon to him as the fruit or evidence of the prophet Joseph Smith and he said he wouldn't touch it. I love and respect those with strong convictions in other faiths and think do great good in this world. I just can't understand why many of them won't even read a book that claims to be a second witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. They would lose nothing from it. But I digress. 

On Saturday we saw some really cool miracles. We were knocking in an apartment complex that hasn't been touched because it was built in August and ended up finding a guy named Craig who was interested in the message of the Restoration and committed to read the Book of Mormon. When we asked him if he knew anyone else who needed the same message, he called up his friend Chandra and sent us over to her house that same night. So we went over and she was in tears because she had prayed the night before asking God what to do because she didn't know. We listened to her and assured her that the Gospel brings peace, comfort, and joy to our lives. She really wants to learn more because her grandmother used to meet with missionaries and loved the message of the Gospel, but was never baptized because her husband wouldn't let her. So we sent her information to the English sisters so they can teach her. 

Anyway, I hope that everyone is doing well and is happy. I know that this is God's work and that He lives and loves us. 

Elder Barrus

We went mini golfing last P-day. Sorry I haven't taken too many pictures. 

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