Monday, August 8, 2016

"Can I wear my StormTrooper costume for the picture?"

This week was superrrrrr bien. We definitely saw a lot more of the fruits of our labors this past week. Even though last week was hard and we didn't see too much success initially, it was still fun because Elder Curtis and I get along really well, so that makes a huge difference on the hard days.  

To start, we set a baptismal date for Benito for the 28th of AugustIt seemed like it would be a little too soon, but he accepted it and is willing to work towards it. He's already read 3 chapters in the Book of Mormon, and came to church yesterday and really liked it.

We were able to teach the Zabala family the Restoration on Monday night and it was so good. The two daughters were naming off the books of The Book of Mormon, so the family is definitely familiar with The Gospel. We committed them to baptism when they know that this is all true and they all firmly committed. I talked to the dad yesterday at church and he said he feels good whenever he comes. He is going to Venezuela and then later to the Middle East for some job training for about a month, so that's kind of a bummer, but he said he's bringing his Book of Mormon with him so he can still read. We got his permission to still teach his two daughters, so we'll still go over to his house, but we'll probably hold off setting a baptismal date with them until the dad returns.

On Friday we were out knocking doors and it was almost time to head back to our apartment. We knocked on the door of a guy who wasn't super interested, but we saw a Star Wars calendar on his wall and asked if he liked Star Wars. He told us yeah, and to come in. So we did, and wow, this guy had hundreds of Star Wars things which included a bunch of ships, many action figures, and several costumes. He apparently made a lot of these things because he welds. I'll attach pictures below but it was pretty sick.

Alright, take it easy, wherever you are. Hope you have a great week!

Elder Josh Barrus
I'm so grateful to have a car with A.C.

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