Monday, August 22, 2016

No Picture Week

The work is really starting to pick up here in Westgreen, so everything is going well.

Benito had some doubts about his baptismal date and said he wanted to be completely certain about being baptized. We gave him a practice baptismal interview to show him that baptism is the door, not the destination. Afterward he felt a lot more comfortable and sure about his baptism. If you could pray for him that would help a lot. His baptism is scheduled for this Sunday, so we are doing all we can to make sure that he feels confident in his decision.

We found some pretty solid people this week. We knocked on a lady from Honduras' door who told us that she had been looking for a church. She had gone to 3 or 4, but didn't really feel it with any of them. We ended up teaching her the restoration and it went really well. She teared up a little bit when we shared the first vision. We set up a return appointment for a few days later and came back, but she completely changed on us. She told us upfront that she already had a church she was going to and didn't want to leave that comfort zone of the church that she grew up in. It was really unexpected and hard because she seemed really solid. We tried to help her understand that when Jesus was born, the Jewish religion believed in the Law of Moses and the Old Testament. When Jesus came and established His church, many people rejected Him. They said that God's church had already been established and they weren't going to change anytime soon. She still didn't budge which was sad, but hopefully when missionaries come in the future she will be willing to make the change.

We finally were able to have a lesson with a potential investigator that the English Sister missionaries found about a month ago. When we first got the referral, we were kind of hesitant because the note they attached read:

"Jennifer is golden! She seemed so interested. She didn't speak a lot of English so it was hard to understand her, but from her expressions and body language, she seemed eager and excited to learn about the gospel."

Well, on Saturday we were able to teach Jennifer, her husband Carlos, and daughter Valentina and it went extremely well. They came from Colombia about 8 months ago and have been looking for a church. Jennifer told us about the day the sister missionaries knocked on her door and how happy she was. She didn't understand them and they didn't understand her, but she was happy to meet them. She was kind of discouraged because it is hard adjusting to a new country and Americans are more serious and show their love differently than Hispanics, but the misioneras (sister missionaries) were a ray of sunshine for her. 

The lesson was great and it was so cool to teach them about the sealing power of the priesthood. We showed them Matthew 16:18-19 which talks about the power to bind things on earth as well as in heaven, and asked them what they would like to have bound on earth as well as in heaven. She said "My family." We asked her what the pastor or bishop of her marriage said at the end. "Till death do you part" was her answer. How sad, but super neat to help them realize that they can be sealed as a family for time and all eternity if they join our church, The Restored Church of Jesus Christ.

Anyways, that's about all that happened this week. Till next time.

Elder Barrus

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