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Katy is πŸ”₯

July 24, 2016 Email

What's going on everyone? I'm in my first week in Katy serving in the Westgreen ward after getting transferred from The Woodlands and it's been pretty rad so far.

The area is pretty wealthy, but there's tons of Hispanics still, so 
it's a good balance. A lot of the members are from Venezuela, so they definitely speak a different type of Spanish, but it's all good. My new companion is Elder Curtis from Gilbert, Arizona and he's a stud!

It's really nice. Here we have a food appointment every single night. It's interesting how some Hispanic women take much joy in people, especially missionaries, eating their food, and lots of it. 

Yeah. I have always had a car on my mission, but here we drive a 2016 Corolla that only has 2000 miles on it, a lot different than the Chevy Cruze we drove in Woodlands.  

We got some good work done this week. The APs committed us to get 40 missionary commitments (inviting other people to do missionary work) because this is an area that traditionally hasn't seen a lot of success come from knocking. So the real success will come from getting member referrals. We have meal appointments every night, so we have really focused on encouraging them to do some missionary work. What has seemed to work best is to describe how hot it is when we knock doors for hours and how we face a lot of rejection. And then to really top it off we show them some eye-popping statistics

-In the U.S. missionaries are able to baptize 1 in 1000 of the people they meet in their personal contacting.
-When the missionaries use your name to meet and teach your friends, they can baptize 80 in 1000, or 8 percent.
-When you personally introduce the missionaries to your friends and let them teach them, they can baptize 340 in 1000, or 34%.
-When you introduce the missionaries to your friends and let them teach your friends in your home, they are able to baptize 660 in 1000, or 66 percent of them.

So it just goes to show how important the members are in missionary work. If members and missionaries will work in unity great things will happen, which is the vision we are sharing with the ward right now. We've already received 3 referrals and are really excited to see the miracles that will come.

Anyways, if you're still reading this, you might as well go ahead and send me an email or mail me something because I'd love to hear from y'all! Address is below:

24949 Katy Ranch Rd. #517 
Katy, TX 77494
~Elder Josh Barrus

We visited Willian on my last night in The Woodlands, he served a mission in Honduras,
 so he decided to dress up like us for the night. He's the man though, 
anytime we visit him he teaches us because he knows a lot of deep doctrine. 

New Zone

Night sky in Texas

Night sky in Texas

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