Monday, May 8, 2017

Exile hasn't been so bad after all

This email is from April 24, 2017

The latest from the Metropolis of Waller, TX is that Wilson got baptized on Sunday. He even spoke at the service. He's been golden from the start and we're excited to take him out to lessons with us.

As well we finally met with Vanessa and Norberto on Saturday after they returned from their trip to Mexico and they're excited for their baptisms this upcoming Sunday. They have their baptismal interviews on Wednesday so any prayers on their behalf would be much appreciated.

As well one of our English class students Lorena invited us to eat with her family on Monday. They offered us beer so we had to tell them we don't drink but it's funny how I've been offered so much beer on my mission. I could start collecting the bottles and selling them. But besides that they fed us really good carne asada so we've been taken care of out here.

On Friday I went on an exchange with an old companion in an old area. I was with Elder Heiner in the Woodlands and it was really cool to see the growth that's taken place in that area in the almost year that's passed since I left. We knocked into 2 inactive members in the same apartment complex, one from Argentina and the other from Venezuela. The guy from Argentina let us in and was basically reading us his patriarchal blessing, it was great. He said that he was expecting us to knock on his door because he had been thinking a lot about going back to church. For some reason I've really enjoyed being led to inactive members on my mission, it gives me a lot of satisfaction being an instrument in God's hands and letting others know that God still is aware of them, even after they've been baptized.

On Sunday we ate dinner with another of our English class students named Veronica and got offered wine, ha ha. But the food turned out really good and we had a good discussion about some of the desires they have for their family. They said they're Catholic but I think they would enjoy hearing about eternal families. Veronica was shocked when she found out we read the same Bible lol. It's funny to hear the things people have heard about our religion and to show them that we read the same Bible.

Elder Barrus
Exchanges with Elder Heiner

Wilson's Baptism

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