Monday, May 8, 2017

No Greater Joy

This email is from May 1, 2017

I can't believe there's only one more week left this transfer. It's gone by super quick. I've really enjoyed my time here in Waller with Elder Blackford. We've learned a lot from each other, especially how to love those we serve. The Hispanic people are my favorite for sure. 

Norberto and Vanessa got cold feet and pushed their baptismal date back a little bit. On Tuesday we reviewed the baptismal interview questions and they were all good to go. On Wednesday when the district leader Elder Miranda came to give the interview, they were with a friend who was a member of another church who tried to Bible bash with the elders. They didn't take him up on that because that's not very faith promoting. I'm all for reasoning with other people, but I've come to realize that we can show people the truth in the scriptures up and down, but if they're not willing to pray and ask God if the Book of Mormon is true, we can't really do a whole lot to help build their faith. But we will work with some  members of the branch who were ex-Evangelicals themselves to help the Flores family take the leap of faith and get baptized.

As well, on Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Pogroszewski, my ZL comp and had a blast. I love that kid so much and learn so much from him. We went to the temple to do a tour with one of his recent converts and I ended up running to Brittney, my recent convert from Westgreen out in Katy! She's doing super well, has a calling, and is still working on finding her own family names to take to the temple. It's always fulfilling to see those I've worked with remain active in the church and continue learning and growing.

Anyways, I love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Barrus

At the temple

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We saw Brittney at the temple! She's doing great!

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