Monday, May 8, 2017

¿Que Pasa Calabaza? 🎃 (What's Up Squash?)

This email is from April 10, 2017

Honestly we had kind of a rough week but life can't always be smooth and easy. On the bright side no one threatened to shoot us!

We started out the week with MLC on Tuesday and we received a shout-out from President Mortensen because our zone is doing awesome. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see those on my team succeed because we're in this together. He even told us that the Spanish program has never been better, which is a huge compliment because just a few months ago he was not super happy with us as a group. All that has changed as we've tried to eliminate all the excuses that have been used to justify why we can't baptize in the Spanish program (Hispanics work 2 jobs and don't have time, they live together and aren't married, they prefer not to drive in the rain, the strict immigration laws, etc.) But it's been a huge testimony builder to me as to how you can always succeed, regardless of the situation you're in. There will always be reasons to fail throughout your life, but as you do all that you can, miracles happen.

In other news, Norberto and Vanessa are progressing nicely. Yesterday we watched Joaquin Costa's conference talk and asked them what stuck out to them. Vanessa said that she needs to consistently read in the Book of Mormon and seek an answer from God. She asked us how to recognize an answer from God so that was a sign to us that she's sincerely looking for an answer. She's come a long way. At first she would tell us that she was Pentecostal and had a boatload of questions. But as we've answered her questions using the Bible, she's come to the conclusion that some of the doctrine of her old church is inconsistent with the Bible. Now she says she "used to be Pentecostal", which is a lot of progress because Pentecostals are generally very strongly rooted in their beliefs.

Wilson is chugging along quite well. The branch has taken him under their wing and helped motivate and inspire him to continue along the path that God would have him take. So we're real excited for his baptism on the 23rd of April.

This weekend was hard... we had a lot of potential appointments set up and every single one of them fell through. We were looking to refill our teaching pool a little bit but faith precedes the miracle so I'm sure that as we continue seeking those who are ready, God will lead us to them.

Elder Barrus

Zone Meeting

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